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School Pets

Here at Brampton Cortonwood Infant School we believe that opportunities to work with animals provide unique opportunities for learning. We recognise our responsibility to provide a safe environment and positive learning experience for all pupils and a high standard of care and welfare to all our school pets. We believe that having school pets enriches the children's learning and provides them with early knowledge about a duty of care for others. Below are the animals we have enrolled at Brampton Cortonwood.

School dog


Luna is our school dog who enrolled at Brampton Cortonwood in October 2017.  She has a fantastic temperament, is amazing with the children and is a very happy dog. The children enjoy the classroom time with Luna and especially enjoy reading to her.  Luna is also used for intervention groups and is a successful addition to Team BCI.  Luna spends every Monday and Wednesday with us in school.

school chicken

Boo, Doreen and Sandy

In March 2019 our resident hen Boo (who enrolled in 2015) was joined by two rescued hens. Jenson (F1) won our competition to name these hens, deciding to call them after his nannans, Doreen and Sandy. These two hens now have more space, freedom and quality of life than they ever have done. The children have been told the story of how BCI have rescued these hens and are proud that they can now care for them. The children also enjoy watching all three hens and collecting the eggs from their hutches. We continue to hatch chickens in our F2 class to replace chickens when they pass away naturally.

school fish

Freddy, Floss and Gary

Our three fish currently reside in F1 with our Butterflies Class. They enrolled at BCI in 2017 and had been in Y2 before their move. The children enjoy watching the peaceful motions of the fish and care for them with tank cleans and feeding.

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