Our Curriculum

At Brampton Cortonwood we are passionate about delivering a curious, creative and challenging curriculum that is purposeful and relevant to our children and their needs. Our curriculum is centred around a Forest School ethos and our two Forest School areas are accessed, at least weekly, by all pupils from Smarties up to Year 2.

Each half term, we have a whole-school theme that the children's learning will be based around. Within each theme, each year group will have a sequential topic that builds on the learning and experiences from the previous year group.

Our Curriculum Map provides a half termly overview of our school curriculum.

Our Curriculum Overview provides a broad introduction to some of the key aspects that underpin our curriculum.

Our Curriculum Framework explores how our school values drive the curriculum along with key driver areas.

Our Curriculum Enhancement details the additional aspects to our curriculum. 

The BCI curriculum provides a more detailed look at how our curriculum is built in a progressive way.

Our Vocabulary Progression documents outline key words linked to our projects that we will teach our children.  It also outlines end of unit knowledge that demonstrates how this is built into our longer term plans.

Our Key Stage 1 Overview documents provide the curriculum expectations and coverage for each year. 

Our Forest School document provides a progressive overview of key skills and knowledge taught by the end of EYFS and end of Key Stage 1.

Find out more about Reading and Phonics at Brampton Cortonwood Infant School.

In Maths, we use the CPA Approach (Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract) and refer to the White Rose Hub supporting materials to plan and deliver our lessons.