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If you wish your child to attend Brampton Cortonwood Infant School you need to contact Mrs Taylor, Mrs Hirst or Miss Fenton on tel: 01226 340044.

Alternatively you can call in to school to collect the admission form required. All parents and children will be offered a visit to school with the Head Teacher, Mr Dyson.

Letters are sent directly from the Authority to home addresses for F2 choices  and are selected through Admissions who can be contacted on 01709 383121. The Admissions team also hold a waiting list for F2 places if we are oversubscribed.

All applications should first go through the Admissions Team who will contact school on your behalf.

Under Consultation 18th December  23 - 29th January 24

Admission agreement 25-26

Changes made to the Admission agreement include

  • ​Removing information that parents do not need to consider making the agreement more user friendly

  • Adding within the Admission criteria provision during application for twins, triplets or siblings born in the same academic year to be treated as equals

  • PAN (Published Admission Numbers) numbers highlighted under appendix 1 to cover all schools within the trust. 

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